Personal Development Counselor.

Another English name often used is “coach”. But I will prefer the French name, in my opinion more explicit.
Because we address people whose backgrounds, issues, situations are very different, this activity requires a skill primarily in terms of human qualities, but also in many areas. Among these areas, but not exhaustively, the counselor must have at least basic knowledge in psychology, communication, stress management, existing aids (care, wellness), and even anatomy-physiology.

The starting task is the identification of the person’s request, recognizing his environment, and evaluating the path to be taken to help him arrive at his / her goals, spread over time, on the number of sessions required.

The common mistake is to project on the patient based on learned courses, stereotypes, or personal will. When in fact, it is important to perceive the whole journey, the individual in a holistic way, and to seek the means to accompany the person towards what appears to be the most beneficial, sometimes even to reorient the patient towards another professional, expert in a technique that could be better adapted.

This reasoning applies to an individual, a couple, a group, a team, an association, a company or an administration.

And for that, I propose to help you.