A bit about me.

I started my adult life by wishing to participate in humanitarian missions. I went to Paris, to follow the courses of the “Free Faculty of Sciences of the Health”, street of Vaugirard, in Psychology, Biology, Naturopathy, and Medical Culture. To pay for my studies, I was a stretcher at the Necker Hospital, which led me to meet Professor Pellerin, who allowed me, outside of my work, to stay in the emergency room and learn a lot from my colleagues through questions and what I could observe.
Graduated in 1989 from Medical Culture, I went to India, in Tibetan refugee communities. First in the North of India and Nepal, then in the South, until 1998. I took care of a dispensary during six years, in first aid and common pathologies, but also to face certain emergencies. My interest also focused on Tibetan medicine, acupuncture, and energy therapies.

For three years on a Greek island, I ran a small spiritual retreat center, offering both healthy food, meditation and teaching time, and relaxing walks or swimming.

I was a volunteer in a hospital and then an orphanage for street children in St Petersburg (Russia). Then I spent ten years in Eastern Europe, both running a Foundation for the Promotion of Human Rights and the Right to Expression (in ex-communist countries, which brought me a a number of difficulties!), and the development of a still active Buddhist community.

Back in France following the death of my father in 2012, I chose a training for close protection of people. Another way to commit to helping others, by protecting them directly. I obtained my license from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, renewed recently and until 2021. If for some time now I am no longer active in this area, I remain a security advisor.

I also use meditation where possible, what I practice and teach for over thirty yeas.

I am also a father of five (which is not the least of experiences).

I finally decided to professionally put my experiences and my knowledge to the service of others, in the field of personal development, which I have done in one way or another for twenty-five years. 


Other professional activity: wood-turning (page Facebook “Paxmentis Woodcraft“).