Rates & terms

Session by video conference (Skype, Zoom) – Spoken languages: French, English.

Rates and terms:

The first session is generally longer, count 2h. We then go on a pack of 5 sessions.
A usual session lasts approximately 1 hour.

The first session: 65 €
Usual session: 45 €
Pack of 5 sessions: 200 €

Why a “pack”? Because personal development is a job that requires regularity to succeed; set up at least five sessions draws this necessary attendance. Also, at the end of the first session, those who decide to commit to their wellness subscribe to at least five sessions, and pay for them in advance.

These 5 sessions must take place within a period of 6 months maximum.
The paiement may be staggered.
A scheduled session, which you do not attend without having canceled, will be counted.

People in financial difficulty are invited to contact me directly to find an arrangement.

Entrepreneur within “Perspectives, Cooperative activities and employment“, payments by check are to put in the name of:
“Ronan Chatellier – Perspectives”.