I have been practicing and teaching meditation for over thirty years, and I use it whenever possible as part of my work, as a very useful and effective method to soothe the mind, and to deepen certain topics.

I had the opportunity to participate in a study on the influence of meditation on our genetic material (and brainwaves, but there are many studies on the subject already). Several sessions with blood samples taken before, during and after meditation took place in a hospital.
The results are very interesting and have been published in the international journal “Consciousness and Cognition” (1). They undoubtedly confirm the influence of meditation, not only on brain waves but on our genetic material, and consequently on our health!
A few minutes of meditation can have an impact that is usually unsuspected, but very real when it is well done.


(1) From: International Journal “Consciousness and Cognition”:

“Higher states of consciousness in which the human mind can transcend the boundaries of logic and reason are envisioned as natural to the experience and potential growth of every human being. So far they have been mostly monitored by electrophysiological methods. In this study we were particularly interested in discovering the molecular transcriptional basis of higher states of consciousness. In addition to phenomenological reports of meditators who participated in this study the generated higher states of consciousness were also EEG recorded. We assessed the whole genome gene expression analysis of long-term meditators in four separate trials and detected significant differential gene expression in association with higher states of consciousness. The number of differently expressed genes as well as high proportion of genes themselves differed between meditators. Despite this, gene ontology enrichment analysis found significant biological and molecular processes shared among meditators’ higher state of consciousness.”